Our company recently participated in an international trade show where we showcased one of our award-winning hiring tools, EASy Simulation® Virtual Customer.  In addition to our account executives, we brought along a character from the featured simulation, known to us as “Surfer Dude.”   Yes, he was limited to a two-dimensional physical presence, but thanks to...

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When we embarked on our enterprise 20 years ago, we dreamed of creating a business that would better enable our customers to hire the very best talent. Now, with Thanksgiving upon us, Employment Technologies has so much to be thankful for—and so many people to thank. We are thankful for our customers. Their long-term support...

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The barrage of new workplace technologies has revolutionized how we work. Each day we face the fast-paced world of instant communication, tight timelines, and multiple information sources—all that appear to require our immediate attention. With work coming at us from all sides, the distractions are never ending. While we all appreciate the importance of multitasking,...

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