Predictive Analytics


EASy Simulations® are the most accurate, fair, and legally defensible assessments available.  Our commitment to valid and fair testing is demonstrated in the rigor taken throughout our product development and validation process. Each EASy Simulation® is designed according to the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards. To ensure program validity, we use a dual validation strategy that establishes both the relevancy of the simulation in measuring key job requirements (content validity) and the accuracy of the simulation in predicting job performance (criterion-related validity). We take it a step further by offering a statistical Job Match process to document the appropriateness and validity of a specific simulation for your organization’s hiring needs. There is no charge to you for our job match process and documentation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Employment Technologies was founded on data-driven intelligence. In developing the proprietary scoring algorithms for our assessments, we leverage advanced analytic technologies and ethical AI to maximize the predictive power of our tools. These scoring algorithms are rigorously tested and validated to ensure that they are fair, explainable, and predictive of KPIs that matter to our clients. As a company, our focus is on creating highly job-relevant assessments that offer candidate transparency by measuring only those factors that directly tie to job success. This approach helps our clients maximize the accuracy in predicting the best talent, while minimizing any potential legal risk. Based on more than 30 years of analytics experience, the predictive accuracy of our assessments is unparalleled.

Performance Analytics Studies

When you implement a new assessment tool, wouldn’t you like to have documented proof that the new system is working well and delivering the results you want?

We think so too! That’s why we offer Performance Analytics Studies. Participation in a Performance Analytics Study is quick and easy. Our team of professional consultants will work closely with you to identify and track key metrics that are critical for job success within your organization. Based on your specific results, you will receive a detailed report, documenting the impact of EASy Simulation in improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of your HR process. The analytics report also provides valuable insights for further optimizing your hiring and development process.

In addition to Performance Analytics Studies, we offer a full range of services, ranging from job analysis, to custom solutions, to full-scale validation studies. Our approach focuses on developing a partnership with our clients, listening carefully to your specific goals, and working together to develop creative and practical solutions that result in measurable, bottom-line results.

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