Testimonials and Reviews


Hire Better Talent

"EASy Simulation has been a wonderful tool in helping us select better candidates."

Cut Turnover

"The results were outstanding. Not only were the mentored employees excelling on the job, but they were staying!"

Boost Accuracy

"I was amazed at how ‘right on’ the results were with the performance of the individuals."

Five-Star Support

"Excellent Service!! I wish every vendor had this type of service."

Save Time & Money

"We’ve cut the time needed to process applicants by 50% . . . and we’re selecting better candidates."

Easy To Use

"Love that it’s so easy and user friendly."

Realistic & Engaging

"The situations are very realistic and relatable to their work."

Candidate Experience

"It was fun and not boring like other tests. You’re not just sitting in front of a computer . . . but actually interacting."

Independent Reviews

". . . it’s “easy” to understand how this product is a major benefit for hiring managers and recruiters."