Realistic & Engaging

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I love how much our participants enjoy using the simulations. Every group says that the simulations are really fun—and we’ve used them with people from ages 18 to 56!"

-Lead Trainer

Denver, Colorado

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We’ve been impressed with the realistic scenarios and detailed transactions presented in the simulation, along with the ability to assess five core competencies at a glance using the easy-to-read reports."

-Employment Recruitment Officer

Newnan, Georgia

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The simulation is a very effective tool for real-life situations. This is much better than a written test."

-Customer Service

Rolling Meadows, Illinois

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EASy Simulation has been a wonderful tool in helping us to select better candidates for our branches. We are very happy with how the simulation relates to real bank experiences and tests the candidates in more than one area."


Fort Worth, Texas

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With EASyView, we can hear for ourselves who has the skills to really connect with our customers, to effectively respond to technical questions, and to help us deliver the highest customer satisfaction in the industry."

-Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition

Chicago, Illinois

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Very realistic and it really demonstrates data entry, typing and email composition skills. I was impressed."

-Customer Service, Telecommunications

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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Very realistic, had all types of calls that we experience daily working in a call centre."

-Customer Service, Insurance

Waterloo, Ontario

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Candidates find the simulation engaging and helpful in understanding what collection calls are really like."

- Manager of Talent Acquisition

Fairport, New York

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I enjoy that they are job related, and since moving to this testing, we have received more qualified applicants."

-Human Resources Specialist

Royal Oak, Michigan

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I am thoroughly impressed with the simulations!"

-Human Resource Specialist

Hamilton, Ontario

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It’s industry-specific, so it relates directly to what an employee would be doing on the job."

-HR Officer

Charleston, South Carolina

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Employment Technologies’ simulations are engaging and entertaining all at the same time and move you through with ease."

-HR Administrator

St. Louis Missouri

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It is a great way for the applicant to preview the job they are applying for."

-Talent Acquisition Manager

Fairport, New York