Job Simulation and the Candidate Experience

At a time when many hiring organizations are experiencing candidate drop-off rates of 90% and higher, job simulations are offering employers an engaging way to attract and keep their best talent. According to LinkedIn, “A positive candidate experience can help you convert your top-choice candidates into employees, while a poor candidate experience can cause them...

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Find and Keep the Talent You Need

“Nearly 4 in 5 employers globally report difficulty finding the skilled talent they need in 2023…” – ManpowerGroup   With continuing labor shortages, demographic shifts, and employee turnover, employers are still struggling to attract and keep the talent they need. To gain traction, hiring organizations must strike the right balance between screening for key competencies...

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Digital Literacy Assessment

We’ve all witnessed the relentless march of technology. So, it’s easy to assume that as our comfort and familiarity with technology expands, so will our proficiency. Unfortunately, we can’t equate digital consumption with digital literacy. Digital literacy shouldn’t be confused with the passive use of digital platforms, like watching videos or scrolling through social media,...

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