In an era where automated responses and chatbots are the norm, many believe that customer service has become a lost art. But perhaps it’s not lost – just misplaced.

The key to rediscovering exceptional customer service lies in refocusing on its core elements, starting with the people we hire. This is where customer service simulations can become a game-changer for your customers and your business.


Organizations face significant risks when their employees lack strong customer service skills. Poor service leads to dissatisfied customers, negative reviews, and ultimately, a decline in revenue.

A recent study by Qualtrics reports the staggering statistic that bad customer service could cost organizations throughout the world $3.7 trillion annually. Of this estimate, researchers attribute 73% of the risk to consumers who will reduce their spending and 27% to consumers who will stop spending all together with companies who provide poor customer service.

That’s why investing in top-notch customer service is not merely an operational tactic, it’s a strategic imperative.


Customer service is a complex role, encompassing effective communication, empathy, problem-solving, and the ability to anticipate customer needs. When organizations hire employees with proven customer service skills, they create a positive customer experience that fosters loyalty and boosts a company’s reputation and profitability. Customers who feel heard, understood, and valued are more likely to return and recommend the business to others. This cycle of positive interactions and loyalty ultimately drives business success.

The importance of customer service excellence cannot be overstated.

According to HubSpot research, “93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases from companies that offer excellent service, and 48% of customers say they’ve switched brands in the last year to get better customer service.”

So, selecting people with effective customer service skills remains a key element of business success. Yet identifying top customer service providers during the hiring process can be a challenge.


Well-designed customer service simulations offer a practical solution to this challenge by accurately predicting which candidates have the greatest potential for success in a customer service role. Here’s why customer service simulations are invaluable:

Deliver Realism and Precision

Unlike resumes and interviews where candidates may exaggerate their skills, simulations reveal applicants’ true capabilities. Customer service simulations replicate real-life customer situations and interactions, providing a realistic environment to assess a candidate’s actual, job-related performance.

Reveal Key Job Skills

Customer service simulations test a range of skills, including interpersonal communication, active listening, empathy, and problem-solving. Simulations emphasize practical skills, ensuring candidates can apply their knowledge in real workplace situations.

Attract the Best Candidates

Simulations are interactive and engaging, which increases candidate engagement and completion rates. Our research shows that 95%+ of applicants who take our customer service simulations report a positive experience, finding the simulations engaging, challenging, and enjoyable.

Reduce Training Costs

By selecting candidates who already possess strong customer service skills, organizations can reduce the time and expense associated with training new hires. This efficiency translates into faster onboarding and quicker adaptation to the company’s service standards.

Increase Hiring Confidence

Employers gain greater confidence in their hiring decisions when they can see how candidates handle real-world situations. This leads to better hiring outcomes and a more competent customer service team.

Enhance Employer Brand

Candidates perceive organizations that use simulations as forward-thinking and committed to excellence, making them an employer of choice.

By leveraging customer service simulations in the hiring process, organizations can achieve higher service levels more efficiently. This approach ensures that training and coaching are not used as crutches for poor employee selection but rather as tools for enhancing the already strong skills of well-chosen candidates.

Rediscover Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is not a lost art; it’s an essential element of business success that requires renewed focus and innovative approaches.

Customer service simulations offer a powerful tool for attracting and hiring individuals with the right skills and capabilities. By investing in a customer service simulation, your organization can build a customer service team capable of delivering exceptional customer experiences – securing customer loyalty and driving long-term business growth.

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