Typing speed and accuracy are critical success factors for many of today’s jobs. With businesses increasingly relying on digital communication, typing proficiency has a direct impact on workplace efficiency, productivity, and professionalism. Finding the right candidates who can type quickly and accurately is crucial, particularly in administrative, customer service, and data entry roles – and in jobs that require a high level of precision such as healthcare and financial services.

One of the best ways to quickly and objectively measure candidates’ typing proficiency is by implementing typing test assessments. These tests provide a reliable measure of a candidate’s typing speed and accuracy. Typing assessments can range from traditional typing tests that simply require participants to retype a block of text, to interactive simulations that replicate actual workplace typing and data entry tasks.


Typing tests are designed to evaluate an individual’s proficiency in using a keyboard, focusing on two main metrics: words per minute (WPM) and accuracy percentage. These metrics help employers identify candidates who can handle the demands of the job with speed and precision.

For instance, data entry positions typically require a minimum of 45 WPM, while other jobs may require up to 90 WPM. By setting these benchmarks, employers can ensure they hire individuals who can meet the productivity standards necessary for their specific roles.


Objective Measurement

Typing tests offer an objective way to evaluate candidates’ abilities, free from biases related to education or previous experience. This allows you to focus on actual performance.

Efficiency in Hiring

Incorporating typing tests into your hiring process can streamline candidate selection. With automated scoring systems, recruiters can quickly identify top performers and reduce processing time.

Predictive of Job Performance

Research shows that typing speed is a good predictor of job performance in roles where efficient data handling is critical. This correlation helps in making informed hiring decisions that are backed by data.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Online typing assessments can be integrated seamlessly into your application process, offering convenience for both applicants and recruiters. Simulations and interactive typing assessments can also help reduce the stress associated with testing by creating an engaging and positive assessment experience.

Companies that implement typing tests report significant improvements in their hiring processes and results. Performance gains include overall increases in employee productivity, reductions in data entry and keyboarding errors, and increased adaptability in learning new technologies.


To effectively use typing tests, consider these steps:

1. Define Job Requirements

Determine the required WPM and accuracy levels based on the specific needs of the job. For example, clerical roles may require 35-40 WPM, while data entry specialists might need 45-60 WPM.

2. Choose the Right Tool

Select a typing test assessment that targets the key requirements of the job and integrates well with your hiring process. Tools like Employment Technologies’ SkilTrak create an engaging candidate experience by immersing participants in job-relevant typing and data-entry scenarios. SkilTrak provides automatic scoring, detailed reporting, and seamless integration, making it easier to process and track candidate information.

3. Analyze and Use Results

You can use the results not only to make selection decisions but also to identify areas for training and development. For example, new hires can be given opportunities to practice and improve their skills based on their individual assessment results.

Typing test assessments are a powerful tool, offering a clear and objective measure of candidates’ typing and keyboarding abilities. By focusing on speed and accuracy, these tests help employers make better hiring decisions, leading to improved job performance, efficiency, and productivity. Embrace the power of typing tests to build a team that excels in speed and precision.

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