Frequently Asked Questions

What are EASy Simulations?

EASy Simulations offer a fresh and powerful alternative to traditional testing—that is both engaging for candidates and highly predictive of job success. Blending advanced simulation and assessment technologies, our award-winning EASy Simulations immerse candidates in key job roles, letting them test-drive the job and prove they have what it takes to succeed. By focusing on realistic customer interactions and real-life work issues, award-winning EASy Simulations deliver dramatic increases in employee performance, retention, and productivity. EASy Simulations are available for a wide variety of jobs and industries. Learn more.

What are the key benefits of Job Simulations?

What results can I expect?

EASy Simulations produce significant increases in employee performance and retention, and deliver the highest return on investment. Typical results include:

Are EASy Simulations fair and valid?

Yes. EASy Simulations are among the most valid and legally-defensible assessments available. Each EASy Simulation is designed and validated according to the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards. Scientific research has repeatedly shown that our job-specific EASy Simulations result in higher validity (accuracy), a more positive candidate experience, fewer legal challenges, and less adverse impact than traditional testing formats.

Can we combine tools to create a custom hiring and onboarding strategy?

Yes. Each of our tools can be combined with your existing selection process. We also offer our highly flexible Hire Confidence Platform that provides a suite of tools specifically designed for the target job. A key advantage of the all-in-one platform is true system integration. Simply stated, this means that the entire selection system works in concert to provide a complete picture of the candidate’s skills, abilities and attributes. Another advantage is legal defensibility. Similar to links in a chain, your selection system is only as strong as its weakest link. Since all of our tools are designed using the highest professional and legal guidelines, weak links are eliminated.  Our tools include:

Do assessment products integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS Platforms?

Yes. Our assessments are designed for easy integration with today’s leading ATS and HRIS platforms.

Does Employment Technologies provide customer support for all of its products?

Employment Technologies’ toll-free customer support line utilizes multi-level staff resources to deliver timely customer solutions. This approach ensures that the person(s) with the appropriate background (academic knowledge, technical proficiency, and experience) addresses your questions or concerns.

Can I preview Employment Technologies’ products and services?

Yes!  Call us today to request your FREE test drive:  888.332.0648.