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Language competence is a critical skill for most jobs, especially for positions that require a high level of customer interaction. Employment Technologies offers a range of easy-to-use tools to quickly verify if job candidates have the language skills needed to effectively engage and connect with your customers.

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Whether your employees interact with customers online, in person, or over the phone, we offer highly predictive assessment solutions to evaluate both spoken and written language proficiency.


Spoken Language Assessment

In five minutes or less, this mobile-friendly assessment automatically evaluates English language skills including fluency, pronunciation, listening, and comprehension.

Powered by Employment Technologies' ethical AI scoring technology, you'll get instant access to proven, unbiased results.

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Spoken Language Assessment

Using our engaging EASyView platform, candidates are presented questions in English and prompted to respond in Spanish. Available on any smart device.

The program includes easy-to-use rating guides. Scoring by expert bilingual assessors is also available.

Customizable for virtually any language!

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Written Language Assessment

Our award-winning SkilTrak Bilingual assessment quickly and accurately assesses the bilingual skills needed to communicate effectively online and in writing.

Participants listen to English- and Spanish-speaking customers and complete data entry fields, type correspondence, and compose emails in both English and Spanish.

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Boost Hiring Accuracy

Now you can quickly pinpoint candidates with the language skills needed to serve your customers with excellence!

  • Based on rigorous research and validation
  • Creates a positive candidate experience
  • Provides easy access to results, 24/7
  • Fair and unbiased
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