Custom Solutions

When the stakes are high, user-ready employment tests and development solutions aren't always the best fit. That's why Employment Technologies' Innovation Team enjoys working closely with our clients to design, develop, and validate highly engaging job simulations and learning experiences tailored to their specific needs.

We don’t just design employment simulations. We invented them!

Our Innovation Team has more experience designing and creating job simulations for talent assessment than any testing company in the industry. In fact, key members of our Innovation Team developed the industry’s first simulations for major organizations, including The Coca Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, and the New York Police Department.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been partnering with clients to create the most innovative, practical, and powerful simulation solutions possible.

Blended Solution

Get the best of both worlds! With a blended solution, you get a highly accurate, seamlessly integrated tool without the time and cost associated with a fully-customized simulation. A blended solution typically starts with a user-ready EASy Simulation. You can then add components that are customized specifically for your organization. This can include a realistic job preview, employment branding, corporate messaging, minimum qualification screener, virtual interview, etc.

Your blended solution will have the look and feel of your organization—while leveraging the power and precision of a pre-validated assessment.

Fully-Customized Solution

A fully-customized solution is a great option if you have a unique target job or if want to create a solution specific to your organization. Custom talent assessment solutions can include:

  • Custom Job Simulations
  • Job Practice and Microlearning Simulations
  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Language Proficiency Simulations
  • Online Interviews
  • And More!

An obvious advantage of a fully-customized solution is that it is a perfect fit. The business issues, tasks, and performance outcomes all tie directly to your specifications.

Leverage 30+ Years of Expertise

All members of our Innovation Team have advanced degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The majority of our team has 20 or more years of experience designing, implementing, and validating simulation-based employment tools.

We subscribe to the highest standards and guidelines outlined in the American Psychological Association, Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing; Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures; and Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures.