Elevate your customer experience with strategic employee selection and onboarding

How Strategic Employee Selection and Onboarding Can Boost Customer Service Levels.   In today’s high tech landscape, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is considered the leading strategy for optimizing an organization’s customer experience. Thousands of instructive articles are available on related topics: How to Use CRM to Conduct Journey Mapping; How CRM Delivers Customization; and...

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Microlearning provides short, focused learning opportunities for employee onboarding and development.

It’s long been known that brief, repetitive learning increases long-term retention. And now, with the added convenience of mobile accessibility, “microlearning” experiences are more popular than ever. In this 2-part series, we’ll provide an overview of microlearning, comparing its features to the more traditional – or macro – learning style. Next, we’ll explore the relevance...

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Optimize team performance by offering a personalized employee "tune up" based on an accurate talent assessment of their current performance needs.

Engaged, high-performing employees are the dream of every manager. Yet there’s always a wide range of employee performance from high to low—and everything in between.  If people perform essentially the same job, why does performance vary so much? When employees are measured against the same metrics, why do some excel while others lag behind? The...

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