As you map out new HR initiatives for the year ahead, let our most popular content from 2023 guide you in charting the right course. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, bridge skills gaps, or hire with greater precision, check out these top five posts for practical tips and insights.

1. The Power of Simulations: A Holistic Approach to Pre-Employment Assessments

Looking for one screening tool that assesses multiple success factors? See how job simulations excel in measuring key areas like cognitive ability, personality traits, and job skills – all within the context of the job. More.

2. Is Your ATS Screening Out Good Candidates?

According to a recent Harvard Business School report, 88% of ATS users admit that their systems are eliminating qualified candidates. Explore this startling statistic and discover what you can do to keep the best candidates in your pipeline. More.

3. Digital Literacy: The New Must-Have

“There is a major gap emerging between everyday digital skills and those needed for work…” (Salesforce). See what industry leaders are saying about this new essential workplace skill. More.

4. New Solution Helps Employers Bridge the Digital Skills Gap

“Every industry in America faces significant digital skill gaps in its workforce” (National Skills Coalition). Whether you need to assess the digital proficiency of job candidates or current staff, this smart, simple screening tool accurately assesses digital literacy in a matter of minutes. More.

5. The Link Between Job Simulations and the Candidate Experience

A winning candidate experience builds a strong employer brand, helping you attract and keep the talent you need. Discover how a leading Employment Technologies’ client is achieving candidate satisfaction ratings of 98% and candidate completion rates of 96%. More.


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