At a time when many hiring organizations are experiencing candidate drop-off rates of 90% and higher, job simulations are offering employers an engaging way to attract and keep their best talent. According to LinkedIn, “A positive candidate experience can help you convert your top-choice candidates into employees, while a poor candidate experience can cause them to drop out of your hiring process altogether.”

To gauge their candidate experience, a leading Employment Technologies’ client recently surveyed candidates after completing one of our EASy Simulations®. With more than 1,700 candidate responses,  the results showed the following.



In addition, this global client found that of the 12,594 candidates who started the EASy Simulation, more than 96% completed it.

How do Job Simulations Elevate the Candidate Experience?

A winning candidate experience builds a strong employer brand, helping you attract and keep the talent you need. Since introducing job simulations to the pre-employment testing industry more than 30 years ago, Employment Technologies’ award-winning EASy Simulations consistently result in high candidate through-put rates and extremely favorable candidate experience ratings.

Here’s why . . .


Job simulations look and feel different than other HR tools. Highly visual and interactive, simulations immerse candidates in the job, letting them experience the challenges and rewards of the job first-hand. Unlike traditional text-based tests, job simulations offer fun and engaging storylines where the candidate is a key part of the action. That’s likely why over 90% of candidates surveyed enjoy taking our simulations, with most finding job simulations to be more enjoyable and engaging than other types of pre-employment tests.

“I loved the simulation part of the process. I love how I can feel engaged in this new position, it gives me a better understanding.”


Simulations look and feel like the job. Because they are based on actual job tasks and interactions, simulations give candidates a realistic preview of the work. Serious job seekers appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate their relevant skills and abilities. In the organization referenced above, 98% of candidates reported that doing well on the simulation was important to them. “Our client studies prove that engaging, job-related assessments actually attract top talent. They’ll stay engaged more often when there is job relevance and transparency in how they are being assessed,” Joe LaTorre, Director of Innovation, Employment Technologies.

 “I really like how it showed real-life emotions and things people would really do and say.”

EASy to Use.

When a hiring process is perceived as long or complicated, job seekers are likely to drop out. That’s why each of Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulations undergoes rigorous testing and review to ensure that each step is clear, concise, and easy to follow. Job simulations offer a clear advantage because they are user-friendly, intuitive to use, and they naturally bridge the candidate experience with the employee experience.

“It was easy to understand and not at all boring.”

Brand Image.

The image you project during the hiring process makes a strong statement about your employer brand. Even rejected candidates are still likely to be brand advocates and referral sources if they feel their experience was positive and fair. In fact, according to Talent Board’s 2021 Candidate Experience Survey, 67% of candidates said they were likely to extremely likely to refer others based on their experience, even if they didn’t get hired. Job simulations bring even higher brand awareness. Based on Employment Technologies’ candidate reaction survey results, our clients found that:

 Over  90% of candidates say they would be likely to recommend an employer that uses a job simulation as part of their hiring process.



In today’s competitive talent landscape, it’s hard to stand out as an employer. Job simulations offer an engaging alternative to traditional screening methods, keeping top candidates engaged and invested in your hiring process. Click here for a free consultation to see if job simulations may offer the edge you’re look for.