Candidate Completion Rates

In a challenging labor market, candidate completion rates are a key concern. Employers want to ensure that their best candidates are completing assessments and progressing through their hiring process. As a result, many organizations are switching to shorter and shorter tests, hoping this will ensure the best candidates complete their processes. But does this work?...

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Celebrating International Credit Union Day

Each year, we join our clients in celebrating International Credit Union Day. We’re grateful for their business and for the many ways they contribute to the welfare of our communities. This year’s theme of Inspiring Hope for a Global Community beautifully captures the spirit of the credit union industry, most notably during this global pandemic....

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Customer Service Week

Celebrating Customer Service Week, October 5-9   Since World War II, no year has been as challenging for business as 2020.  Business operations have been turned upside down. And, in the midst of the turmoil, every business’s ability to continually provide excellent customer service has been challenged like never before. That is why, this year...

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