Boost Accuracy

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I’m impressed by the accuracy of the simulation. By providing us with an accurate picture of the candidate, we are able to hire associates more accurately, and as a result, their job quality and results are better. "

-HR Specialist

Phoenix, Arizona

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By pinpointing applicants’ strengths and weaknesses, EASy Simulation enables us to easily make more accurate hiring decisions."

-Recruiting Specialist

Monroe, Michigan

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EASy Simulations offer a friendly and engaging way for participants to improve their skills—regardless of age or level of experience. I cannot think of a more objective or professional way to assess candidate skills and training results."

-Lead Trainer

Denver, Colorado

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I was amazed at how ‘right on’ the results were with the performance of the individuals. We’re looking at our people in a totally different way now, and Teller Vision gives us an excellent picture of who we’re dealing with. We’re finding candidates who can actually do the job."

- Human Resources

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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A key part of our growth is EASy Simulation’s accuracy in pinpointing people with the right blend of sales and service skills to help our members achieve their financial goals."

-HR and Learning Manager

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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We love SkilTrak! – Especially the e-mail testing portion. Since we started using SkilTrak, the candidates we hire are much more computer literate and communicate better with our customers."

-HR Manager

East Texas, Pennsylvania

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We are very impressed with the product and would highly recommend to anyone."

-Human Resources

Pikeville, Kentucky

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We feel the simulation clearly and accurately assesses the candidates’ skills, and as a result, we are making better hiring decisions."

-VP of Human Resources

Woodbury, New Jersey

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Now we can be sure that prospective candidates have a clear understanding of our culture and performance expectations."

-Employment Recruitment Officer

Newnan, Georgia

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With the simulation, candidates have clearer expectations about the job, so they are better prepared to help consumers resolve debt issues and improve their lives."

-Vice President of HR

Rochester, New York

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Using simulations from Employment Technologies has lifted our recruitment process to the next level."

-HR Specialist

Hamilton, Ontario

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It has been a tremendous help for us to determine applicant skills as they relate to our job."

-HR Officer

Charleston, South Carolina