Cut Turnover

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With EASy Simulation, our agent turnover rate dropped by 72%."

-VP, Operations Improvement

Newport News, Virginia

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The results were outstanding. Not only were the mentored employees excelling on the job, but they were staying! Our retention improved drastically."

-Vice President of HR

El Paso, Texas

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EASy Simulation for Tellers and the SEI [Structured Employment Interview] have been vital tools in reducing our CSR turnover."

-Senior HR Administrator

Tecumseh, Michigan

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With Employment Technologies’ simulation, we are getting more committed candidates who are genuinely interested in a career with us . . . since implementing the simulation, we have cut our turnover in half."

-Manager of Talent Acquisition

Fairport, New York

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Turnover among our new tellers dropped by 43%."

-Recruiting Specialist

Monroe, Michigan

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EASy Simulation for Tellers has helped us to hire quality candidates, as well as helped to reduce turnover in the Teller positions throughout the credit union. We look forward to using the simulation for years to come."

-Human Resources Manager

Spokane, Washington

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Prior to implementation, we tracked the initial score, prior experience, and the performance of the employees through their 30, 60, and 90 days of employment. It was clear that participants who scored above the benchmark [on the simulation] continued employment with few or no performance issues, and those who scored below the benchmark left within the first 90 days due to poor performance. Managers were hesitant at first, but when they saw the results, they were convinced."

-Human Resources

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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We continue to be very pleased with EASy Simulation for Tellers. It has exceeded our expectations and has exhibited multiple benefits for selection, training, and retention of employees."

-Senior VP, Human Resources Director

Fort Wayne, Indiana