When successful business owners are asked about charting a path to growth and profitability, the common response is some version of “hire the right people.” This means that committing to the pre-employment testing phase in the hiring process is a worthy investment of staff time and budget dollars.

To help you get the most for your investment, we’re highlighting three pre-employment testing strategies. These high-tech strategies are proven to improve your hiring decisions while maximizing your HR dollars.


If your company is looking to optimize your pre-employment testing process, adding a job simulation is a great place to start.  Unlike other pre-employment tests, job simulations allow companies to “test drive” their prospective employees in real-world scenarios to determine how they will perform on the job. Because simulations are highly job relevant and objective, they are the most accurate in predicting job performance. As an added value, Employment Technologies’ job simulations, for instance, also include detailed employee onboarding guides that report the skill strengths and performance gaps of each new hire.

Used early in the screening process, job simulations save time and money by ensuring that only qualified candidates proceed to the next steps in the hiring process. The biggest cost savings, however, are achieved after the hiring decision. These savings are the result of reduced employee turnover, fewer job-related errors, and higher productivity. The more accurate the hiring tool, the greater your ROI.


Before scheduling a face-to-face meeting with a candidate, why not capture their responses to one or two custom questions using virtual technology? This point of engagement gives your leadership a unique look at an individual, without having to invest 30 minutes personally interviewing each candidate. Our clients experience significant reductions in interview time and costs by quickly reviewing virtual interview responses first. They can then identify the top candidates to invite for in-person interviews. Virtual interviews offer additional savings by eliminating scheduling and travel costs. With virtual interviews, candidates can complete interviews from virtually anywhere, at any time.


An effective hiring process recognizes the potential in every interaction with a prospective employee. If you elect to move a candidate forward from their initial inquiry, a realistic job preview can begin casting the vision for the open position. Using simulation technology, this tool invites candidate engagement, reinforces your company brand, and brings clarity to a candidate’s expectations about the job. Job previews help you eliminate new employee statements like, “Wow, I had no idea I would be doing that!” With job previews, candidates can self-select out of the hiring process if they feel the job is not right for them. Obviously, this saves HR time and money by advancing only those candidates who align with your company culture and vision.

Employment Technologies offers the latest technology to deliver a broad range of tools for the pre-employment testing phase of the hiring process. Our solutions are proven to identify the best new talent while maximizing your investment. In fact, our job simulations typically pay for themselves in turnover cost savings alone.

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