As part of our strategy to stay connected to the industries we serve, members of the Employment Technologies team often participate in trade shows. Our most recent point of engagement was ICMI’s * Contact Center Expo in Orlando, where we promoted our newly redesigned EASyView® Virtual Interview and EASy Simulation® Simultask for measuring multitasking abilities.

When our team debriefed the experience, high on everyone’s list was the quality of the keynote presentations. The meeting organizers did a stellar job assembling a first-rate faculty on company culture, employee relationships, and customer experience. While these experts were addressing professionals in the call center industry, we believe their content is applicable to a variety of businesses, so we have decided to share our (legible) notes.

This two-part series is not meant to be a summary of the presentations, but rather a highlight reel of thought-provoking ideas to encourage professional development, whatever your field. We hope you enjoy them!  (The speakers follow in alphabetical order.)


Brad Cleveland (

Consultant, Speaker, and Author on Thriving in the New Era of Customer Relationships

The 3 Secrets to Building the Best Call Center

1. Employees are Responsive to Customers

He gave an example of an airport experience. On Twitter, he tagged an airline about the long lines at customs and how people were going to miss connecting flights.  Within seven minutes, the airline employees were on the scene to get the lines moving, helping to ensure that others did not miss their flights. Memorable, in all the right ways!

2. Employees Come First

Survey your employees, not just your customers. And spend time in their environment.

How can employees be part of the mission of the company? Ritz Carlton is an example, where they take pride in being “Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”

3. Constantly Strive to Get Better

There are no short cuts! Simple and true. Do you believe this?


 Shep Hyken (

Bestselling Business Author and Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee Specializing in Customer Service, Loyalty, Engagement, and Customer Experience

  • 40% of satisfied customers do not return – A “satisfied” customer does not equal a loyal customer!
  • Survey responses of “fine” and “satisfied” are emotionless – how do you move a customer from “fine” to a place of loyalty?  Establish TRUST
  • First step? Deliver a consistent and predictable experience
  • Customer service is common sense that is not always so common – think about this!
  • Have you heard of the Moment of Truth?
    • A Moment of Truth is anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of your organization.
    • Responses to Moments of Truth are typically one of these three: misery, mediocrity or magic
    • Magic = “always” (consistency) + “something good”
    • These moments don’t have to be over the top. They can be a simple “thank you,” but must be consistent and authentic


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Be sure to check back next week for Part II of  Trade Show Speakers Share Winning Insights.

(*) ICMI – International Customer Management Institute