In Part I of this series, we introduced you to leading experts in company culture and customer experience that were featured speakers at the recent ICMI* Contact Center Expo in Orlando. Members of our team were on site as exhibitors to share our newly released EASyView® Virtual Interview and EASy Simulation® Simultask for measuring multitasking abilities.

Our team gave each keynote address high marks for delivering actionable, thought-provoking content. While the intended audience was the call center industry, we believe the concepts and insights are applicable to a variety of businesses, so we’ve elected to share a few highlights in hopes of encouraging professional growth and development.  (The speakers continue here in alphabetical order.)

 Doug Lipp (  Former Disney Executive and Author, Considered to be a World Authority on Building Organizational Culture

  • To develop a great “backstage,” you have to: hire right; train right; and treat right. Employees are your first customer. Do you seek to capture the hearts and minds of your employees?
  • Employee training is not a car wash. You can’t send an employee through once and expect them to stay clean.
  • Simplify the complex with crystal clear priorities!
  • Disney has four efficiencies – safety, courtesy, show and capacity. Every employee is trained that all interactions and decisions are made with these four things in mind, in this order.
  • Company culture always starts at the top, and culture is more than a pretty castle. Values are the foundation.
  • “Budgets might be tight. Creativity is free.” Van Arsdale France (1919-1999)


Justin RobbinsLeads content and community engagement programs for HDI & ICMI, author, and member of the National Speakers Association

  • Keep on-the-job actions authentically you. This is especially important when changes are made. Ask yourself if the change is authentic to your company and culture.
  • Shift your perspective from obligation to opportunity. What sounds better? “I have an obligation to be nice to customers.” Or “I have an opportunity to create a loyal customer.”
  • Every channel (phone, social media, email) is deserving of the same commitment. Consistency builds trust.
  • Is leadership making it possible for the front line to be successful? Invest in your people, and they will respond.


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Part I of this series introduced Brad Cleveland ( and Shep Hyken (

(*) ICMI – International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)