Applicant Experience

Is your applicant experience driving away the best talent?   Having recently completed a job search myself, this article in Forbes caught my eye:  Seven Outrageous Things Some Employers Make Job Applicants Do. While not everything I encountered as an applicant was outrageous, I can clearly relate to many of the key points in the...

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In Part I of this series, we introduced you to leading experts in company culture and customer experience that were featured speakers at the recent ICMI* Contact Center Expo in Orlando. Members of our team were on site as exhibitors to share our newly released EASyView® Virtual Interview and EASy Simulation® Simultask for measuring multitasking...

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As part of our strategy to stay connected to the industries we serve, members of the Employment Technologies team often participate in trade shows. Our most recent point of engagement was ICMI’s * Contact Center Expo in Orlando, where we promoted our newly redesigned EASyView® Virtual Interview and EASy Simulation® Simultask for measuring multitasking abilities....

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