No one said the English language was easy. When was the last time you surveyed a list of English homonyms?

You were right.
He has a right to a speedy trial.
Turn right at the next light.

Even for seasoned speakers and experienced writers, the English language can be a complex system for communicating basic instructions and affirmations, as well as comprehending intent. This is true whether using written or verbal language skills.

With customer service personnel serving at the forefront of one’s business – fielding complaints, solving problems, and clarifying technical issues – language proficiency plays a key role in whether the customer’s experience will positively impact bottom-line revenue and market share.

That’s why we are excited to introduce two new technologies to automatically assess spoken and written English language skills.

Spoken Language Proficiency

In five minutes or less, our new ELP (English Language Proficiency) Assessment automatically evaluates the four key elements of spoken English language skills including:

  • Pronunciation: accuracy in pronouncing each word and word part
  • Fluency: ability to fluidly read text without breaks or pauses
  • Completeness: ratio of correctly pronounced words to reference text
  • Comprehension: ability to understand a spoken conversation

Available to candidates on any smart device, ELP records candidate voice responses as they read realistic workplace scripts. “Employers will find that our scripts focus on real-world interactions, which reinforces the overall value of the assessment experience,” explains Joe LaTorre, Director of Innovation. In addition, a comprehension section measures how well job candidates can listen and comprehend the key points of work-related conversations.

ELP is powered by Employment Technologies’ AI machine-based scoring technology, giving employers instant access to proven, unbiased results.

For businesses like banking, healthcare, insurance, and contact centers where customer issues are increasingly complex, the ELP Assessment is particularly useful. The automatic scoring also makes the assessment ideal for high-volume hiring.

Written Language Proficiency

Within minutes, our award-winning SkilTrak simulation accurately predicts job candidates with the English language skills necessary to effectively respond to customers in writing. As part of the simulation, candidates receive email messages from customers with various questions or issues. Candidates look up product information and respond in writing. Using Employment Technologies’ AI machine-based scoring, SkilTrak assesses five key elements of written language proficiency: spelling, grammar, vocabulary, tone, and content.

“Employment Technologies created a test that forces job candidates to actively respond to simulated customer requests. The easy-to-use and easy-to-understand test requires that candidates demonstrate their ability to search for requested information, enter data, and respond appropriately in an email they write themselves.” – Editors, Top HR Products, Human Resource Executive

To assess candidates for bilingual positions, SkilTrak Bilingual is also available to help you evaluate English/Spanish writing proficiency.

Avoid The Risk of Not Assessing

If clear and consistent communication is the cornerstone of your business, and you are unsure of candidates’ language competence, we recommend taking action so you avoid these two costly mistakes:

Staff Turnover – When an employee is placed in a role without proper assessment and training, the odds increase that their performance will suffer. Poor performance left unchecked contributes to disengagement, which can lead to resignation, or in extreme cases, ghosting. Staff disruptions are costly, with HR industry leader SHRM estimating the cost of hiring a new employee at nearly $4,700.

Customer Drain – When communication channels frustrate customers, switching vendors or service providers can be done as fast as a swipe or click. In this infographic from MAP Communication, the cost of attracting new customers is five times more than nurturing existing ones.

Resources are ready to go!

In today’s multi-channel world, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with English-speaking customers is essential and we can help!

ELP Assessment and EASy Simulation® SkilTrak provide secure, 24/7 access to reporting and tracking features. These tools are easy to combine with your current screening process or integrated with Employment Technologies’ award-winning Hire Confidence® Platform.

See for yourself by requesting a free demo HERE or by calling toll-free at 888-332-0648.