We were less than 30 days into the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate when bloggers were searching for a substitute for “unprecedented.” No one argued that the word wasn’t accurate, but the repetition made us weary as we were reminded again and again that we had no idea what we were facing. As states begin the process of reopening for business, a new familiar phrase is being heard. This time, though, the word choice reflects control, competence, and creativity.


Typically heard in entrepreneur circles, a pivot is about quickly regrouping when a strategy is not producing the desired results or a new opportunity emerges. A business innovator manages the tension of implementing a plan yet also remains ready to pivot when outcomes are not on the horizon. These innovators and business leaders recognize the magical power of momentum.

In reviewing successful pivots, you can appreciate the current opportunity facing HR leaders: unprecedented experiences can create space for making a pivot. That idea you’ve always wanted to try? That trial system that exists only on paper? “We’ve never done it like that” has less gusto now. During a pivot, the winds shift to support new possibilities.

We work alongside HR leaders in a wide variety of industries. During COVID-19, there’s an increasing willingness to consider a pivot in their hiring processes. You might ask, Why invite more change into a continuing sea of uncertainty? Isn’t this when we hang on to what we know?

Let’s consider 2 key reasons why HR leaders might consider a pivot:

1. Everyone agrees that returning to “normalis at best a long way off.
Moving forward is our best option. Savvy communicators are now describing pre-COVID procedures and processes as previous guidelines, not normal guidelines.

2. A routine can become a rut if you’re not careful.
Routines offer familiarity, which can be comforting but also lull us into complacency. Leaders are wise to recognize the time to explore new operational trails. While there might be twists and turns along the way, new ideas, such as credible time-savers might be discovered.

So, what are practical and transformative pivots related to hiring?

Check out our next post that outlines specific ways to pivot to a more efficient, effective, and virtual HR process!


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