If you’re leading a hiring initiative during this time of social distancing mandates, you have no doubt heard the call to “go virtual.” With so many people using services such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, the default is to envision virtual interviewing as simply leveraging a similar platform for an interview.

Before jumping ahead too quickly, we recommend taking a broader look at the scope of virtual interviewing, including an option some may be less familiar with: on-demand interviews.

Business leaders who survived the economic downturn of 2008-2009 talk about resisting quick fixes. They encourage taking actions that not only meet an immediate need, but also positively impact an organization’s ability to rebound.

We believe that on-demand virtual interviewing is a strategy that helps manage today’s challenges – and will help you thrive in the days ahead.

Understanding Virtual Interviews and How They’re Used

First, let’s review the two main types of virtual interviews:  live and on-demand.  Both offer compliance for social distancing mandates, along with time and cost savings.

Live virtual interviews are two-way interactions conducted online in real time using virtual meeting or video conferencing software. These interviews must be scheduled in advance and give employers and candidates an opportunity to interact in real time without being in the same location. Many of our clients conduct live interviews using free platforms like Skype, or leverage their existing virtual meeting applications like Zoom, Blue Jeans, WebEX, or GoToMeeting.

The other type of virtual interviewing is on-demand interviews. These user-friendly interviews automate the prescreening process, letting candidates complete interviews at their convenience, recording their responses to a predetermined set of interview questions. This same flexibility extends to recruiters and hiring managers, giving them freedom to review and evaluate candidate responses on their schedule.

Because of their efficiency and ability to reach a large number of applicants in a short time frame, our clients typically use on-demand interviews as first-round or prescreening interviews to identify top candidates to schedule for a live interview.

How On-Demand Virtual Interviews Work

On-demand interviews ease your workload by making it quick and easy to prescreen job candidates remotely. For candidates, the experience begins when they click a link in a job posting or an email invitation. They are guided through practice rounds to ensure they are confident and focused when it’s time to record. Candidates simply record and submit their responses using any smart device.

The process is just as easy for recruiters and hiring organizations. Responses are immediately available on the employer’s dashboard, allowing them to review, rate, and share responses online with other decision-makers.

Once a company decides to incorporate on-demand interviews into their process, getting started is simple. Employers can typically select from a library of interview questions, or can include their own questions to create a custom experience. On-demand virtual interviews ensure that all candidates receive and respond to the same set of questions. This ensures consistency and helps guard against potential interviewer bias and legal challenges.

Helping You Meet Today’s Challenges and Beyond

Specializing in Virtual HR Solutions for more than 25 years, Employment Technologies would like to offer our help.

To help you quickly “go virtual” and transition to a remote interview process, we’re pleased to offer you free access to our award-winning EASyView Virtual Interview platform for 30 days.

The simplicity and convenience of our EASyView on-demand interviews can help you through this pandemic and will continue to deliver key benefits in the days ahead. Administrative flexibility is a hallmark of the system, so you can adjust the questions when your needs change. You can also enjoy these benefits:

No scheduling  – Imagine conducting interviews without having to coordinate calendars or contend with the frustration of no shows and rescheduling.

Expanded Access – EASyView’s ease and accessibility widens your candidate base, enabling more candidates to complete your interview process with fewer drop-outs.

Legal Safeguard  –  Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing questions are properly designed and delivered to candidates, with responses captured and evaluated in a fair and consistent manner.

Insight Advantage – Gain unique insights when candidates are given the freedom to interview anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Quickly identify top candidates to consider for final-round interviews.

Free Access to Our On-Demand Virtual Interview Platform

If you need a virtual interview solution, we can help. CLICK HERE to access our free offer, or contact us at 888.332.0648 to learn more. This no obligation offer is designed to support you during this stressful and uncertain season. Our hope is that we will earn your trust and that the relationship will continue.


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