The coronavirus is an unwelcomed disrupter of life as we know it. The popular tension of work/life balance is now trending on social media under the hashtag #WFH (work from home). A plethora of articles are offering guidance on how to navigate this new normal, where family members are referred to as co-workers from 9-to-5! A touch of humor here and there lightens the mood.

As an owner-operated business with a singular focus of equipping businesses with proven tools for hiring superstars, we too are earnestly watching the news. Industry forecasts are changing on the hour.

Are companies hiring? And if so, how can we help?

In tumultuous times, here’s one piece of sound advice we can apply to our thinking:

Focus on What We Know, Not What We Don’t Know.

  • We know that our commitment to our clients is unwavering. We are continuing to work, maintaining relationships that endure beyond this pandemic.
  • We know that when there is a sense of urgency to fill positions, standards and adherence to legal considerations are not to be compromised.
  • We know that by applying science and proven assessment technologies, organizations can quickly and accurately predict the best talent – even remotely!

Need to Adjust Your HR Process?  We’re Here to Help.

In the days ahead, if you’re leading a hiring initiative, may we offer our assistance?

  • You are welcome to accept 60 days complimentary use of our EASyView Virtual Interviews that candidates can complete virtually anytime, anywhere on any smart device. And when it’s time to evaluate applicant interview responses, your hiring team will have the same flexibility.
  • You are welcome to request a no-obligation call with one of our experienced consultants and leverage our 25-years of experience in virtual assessment technologies.
  • You are welcome to email us with questions about your needs and our products. We understand if you don’t have time for one more phone call.

To HR professionals and other company leaders who oversee the HR function –  you are our heroes! We’re cheering you on from afar and remain committed to your success.