These are uncertain times to be sure.

While some companies are in a hiring freeze due to the coronavirus, others businesses like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and contact centers are scrambling to ramp-up staffing to meet increasing customer demands. An added challenge to these emergency ramp-ups are the constraints of social distancing and the need for a remote hiring process.

If your company is faced with an urgent hiring push, here are three tips to help you quickly get up and running with an efficient, fully-remote process.

1. Streamline Your Screening Process

Now is the time to do a quick check for delays and inefficiencies in your screening process. Any lags and weak links in your system can mean that by the time you get to hiring, you may have already missed out on the best candidates.

The crux of an effective ramp up is to quickly screen applicants to a manageable and qualified group. There are a number of online screening tools that are easy to implement and can quickly streamline your recruiting and screening process. These tools not only cut your time and cost to hire, they also increase your access to quality applicants, particularly in the midst of quarantines and self-isolation constraints. A few of these tools are described below.

2. Switch to Virtual Prescreening Interviews

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to rapidly transition to a remote screening process is to switch to virtual on-demand prescreening interviews. If your current process includes in-person, phone, or live screening interviews, automating this first-round interview will cut your processing time by 50% or more. You’ll also eliminate the hassles of no shows, late arrivals, and time over-runs.

And with on-demand prescreening interviews, scheduling is no longer an issue. Multiple interviews can be conducted simultaneously—anytime, anywhere. Plus you can review interviews on your own schedule and at your own convenience. By switching to virtual prescreening interviews, you can take control of your time, schedule, and results – as well as comply with all social distancing mandates.

3. Consider Virtual Assessments

For companies who conduct part of their assessment processes in-house, this is the ideal time to consider virtual assessment solutions. Not only will these tools help you quickly transition to a remote process, they can also improve the testing experience for both candidates and recruiters.

Virtual assessments like job simulations and immersive hiring tools are typically available on all smart devices and enable candidates to complete the assessment anytime 24/7. Recruiters also have the convenience of accessing results on their schedule. For more than 25 years, Employment Technologies has specialized in virtual assessment solutions and can have you up and running with proven, job-specific assessments on the same day.


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