In my last post, we discussed the power of momentum and the importance of considering a “virtual” pivot to revitalize business processes.

The recent shift to remote work and remote hiring has highlighted the speed and convenience of virtual hiring solutions. That’s why HR leaders are quickly pivoting to new technologies that address current challenges while building a strong foundation for future growth.

In today’s post, let’s get practical and highlight specific ways to pivot to a more efficient, effective, and virtual HR process!


Virtual Interviewing

Prior to COVID-19, in-person interviews were conducted in a wide range of settings, from large job fairs to one-on-one meetings. In a pandemic-affected marketplace, personal interactions, especially screening interviews, are likely to remain online.

Before you settle into a new routine, though, it is the ideal time to review your company’s new interview protocols to ensure that they comply with legal standards and provide a fair process for all applicants (as outlined in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures).

Here are two key discovery questions a hiring team might ask about their interview processes:

  • When you’re screening multiple candidates, what types of interviews help to ensure a consistent and legally-compliant experience, both in terms of the questions asked and the measurements used to evaluate performance?
  • Which interviews need to be live, requiring the presence of hiring personnel, or on-demand, allowing candidates to record and submit their responses?

Because of their efficiency and ability to reach a large number of applicants in a short time frame, our clients typically use our on-demand virtual interviews as first-round or prescreening interviews, then schedule live virtual interviews for only the top candidates.

For additional information about Virtual Interviewing check out this recent article.

Virtual Assessment and Onboarding

Interviews weren’t the only point of contact with pre-hires before the pandemic. Many companies conducted employment assessments onsite or offered job shadowing opportunities as part of their hiring and onboarding process. Now with the restrictions on in-person contact,  virtual talent prediction and onboarding is vital. What is equally vital is to ask,  How do we want our applicants to feel and think about our organization and its hiring process? With the prevalence of on-line applications and ATS platforms, applicants frequently comment about feeling isolated or being stuck in a long, never-ending loop. That’s not the impression you want to give. Complexity and disengagement create high dropout rates.

Today, and for more than 30 years, Employment Technologies has been developing immersive tests focused on an engaging and realistic applicant experience. Our unique immersive testing and onboarding approach achieve high satisfaction ratings from applicants. The value for our clients is better-informed candidates and the highest degree of legal defensibility. Whether it is virtual assessment or onboarding, applicants enjoy a realistic and relevant experience – and our clients enjoy more engaged, top-performing employees.

Our virtual hiring and onboarding tools immerse candidates in an engaging test-drive where they handle similar challenges actual employees experience on the job every day. This pre-experience creates realistic expectations and builds greater comfort and confidence for new employees.

For those who may be unfamiliar with simulation-based virtual assessment and onboarding technology, here’s a quick overview.


Optimizing your hiring and onboarding process as we emerge from this pandemic is a smart investment of time and money. The value of a positive applicant experience cannot be overstated. A one-size-fits-all approach to hiring won’t appeal to your applicants or provide the results you want from your hiring and onboarding process.

Our team of experts can answer your questions, and we welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation. As an owner-operated company, our mission is to deliver tools and services that engage smart hiring practices and drive bottom-line results. Reach out to us by calling 888.332.0648 or click here to contact us online. We’re on this journey with you.