Predicting employee engagement and retention has just taken a big step forward.

Employment Technologies, the pioneer and world’s leading developer of job simulations for talent prediction, is introducing EASy Retention Index, an entirely new evaluative tool to help HR managers quickly pinpoint and screen out applicants who are at a high risk for early turnover. At the same time, this innovative tool identifies which applicants are the right fit for the job and the hiring organization.

“The EASy Retention Index offers employers an entirely new measurement tool for hiring,” according to Mary Ann Bucklan, Project Manager and Director of Research at Employment Technologies. “The blend of the tool’s predictive accuracy and its affordability makes EASy Retention Index a ‘must-have’ in the hiring toolbox for any HR manager seeking to tackle turnover and improve employee engagement.”

Rigorously tested in multiple organizations across North America, the EASy Retention Index is particularly effective in reducing costly turnover in high volume, entry-level jobs in businesses like:

  • Field services (delivery people, pest control technicians, etc.)
  • Warehouse fulfillment centers
  • Hospitality and food service
  • Entertainment and attractions
  • Retail
  • Contact centers

Applicants can complete the assessment in less than 15 minutes on any smart device, including tablets and cell phones. The retention index measures three key factors proven to predict employee engagement and retention across organizations:

  • Work Preferences
  • Personality Attributes
  • Personal History

“Adding to EASy Retention Index’s value is its ability to become smarter over time as our team continues to gather and analyze data for our client organizations,” Ms. Bucklan explains.

The EASy Retention Index can be used as a stand-alone assessment or combined with existing applicant screening strategies. It is also a seamless component of Employment Technologies’ user-friendly HIRE CONFIDENCE® platform that can include job simulations, realistic previews, virtual interviews, personalized onboarding plans, microlearning experiences, and more!

Employers can see first-hand how EASy Retention Index works. Free demos can be arranged by clicking here or calling 888.332.0648.