The Great Reimagining

Since COVID’s arrival in 2019, we’ve all been grappling with its disruptive presence in our lives. The impact on the global workforce has been profound, with definitions for business practices, such as “remote work,” continuing to remain fluid. COVID sparked an urgency to seek a balance to professional and personal lives. By the spring of...

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CUNA 2022

Two years had passed since credit union HR leaders had gathered in-person for training and networking. So, with many credit unions in our client base, we were ecstatic to discover that CUNA’s HR & Organizational Development Council conference would be convening near our home office in Central Florida! Joining the group as an event sponsor,...

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Hi-Tech Hiring for Banks and Credit Unions

Consumer habits and expectations are continuing to change the landscape of financial institutions. While technology is helping to drive many of the changes, the personal touch of an engaged employee remains a vital asset in terms of an institution’s sustainability and future growth. Therefore, just as other internal operations are being evaluated and updated, the...

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