5 Qualities of Top Live Chat Agents

Live Chat Agents Are Now Part of the Frontline in Sales and Service Before 2020, many businesses viewed the live chat feature of their website as a “nice to have” component of customer service. The global pandemic and lockdowns, however, changed that thinking overnight. Now 75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel,...

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Employers are wary of using assessments during their hiring process. But why? Employers have been led to believe that assessments, by default, create a poor candidate experience. And that can be true, if the pre-hire assessment is poorly designed, misused, or confusing to candidates. But an assessment that measures what it claims to measure and...

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On-Demand and Livestreaming Interviews Improve Efficiency and Expand Access to Top Talent.   “Virtual interviews are not going away,” said Peg Buchenroth, Senior Vice President of HR at Addison Group in Chicago. “Virtual interviewing will remain an option for talent acquisition, depending on the situation.” The presence of COVID forced HR professionals to find innovative...

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