Job Simulations, gamification, and pre-hire assessments help navigate tricky HR challenges.


Last week I attended the 2019 HR Florida Conference and Expo affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management, better known as SHRM.

SHRM is a professional human resources membership association that promotes the role of HR, providing education, certification, and networking to its members. As the voice of all things HR, SHRM is the foremost expert, convener, and thought leader on issues impacting today’s evolving workplaces.

As Employment Technologies continues to host exhibits at conferences and expos, we’re quickly becoming known for having the best swag, the best candy, and (obviously) the best PRODUCTS. (Having said that, our stiffest competition was either the voice-commanded robot or the baby kangaroo.)

In speaking with conference attendees, I was struck by the wide variety of industries represented – banks, security companies, airports, churches, local government offices, golf resorts, workforce development organizations, and more.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; hiring and retaining top talent is a challenge.

Here are three things I learned from the HR Expo that may help.

1. Retention is on top of everyone’s minds. In today’s tight labor market, HR professionals are acutely aware of the need to cut turnover and retain their best talent.

2. Pinpointing tech-savvy talent isn’t easy. Resume-screening bots and job interviews only get you so far. What recruiters want to know is:  Can this candidate do the job, or not? That’s why HR professionals are increasingly relying on job simulations to accurately predict job performance and success. Pre-hire simulations like our SkilTrak and SimulTask are proven to pinpoint technologically-savvy candidates that can seamlessly manage customer interactions while navigating multiple online systems.

3. People love to play games. The theme of this year’s state-wide conference was “creating connections and building bridges, together.” Inspired by the theme, we set up a game of Connect 4 and a bridge-building set, and we were never short of participants! People love games, and applicants are no exception. Simulation and gamification offer a fun way to attract and engage the best young talent – while at the same time, predicting job success with scientific precision. Our clients regularly get compliments from applicants, sharing that our simulations feel more like a game than a test! By offering a hiring experience candidates actually enjoy, you’ll keep the best candidates in the pipeline so you can select the best of the best!

See how this client cut their applicant drop-out rate by 80% using our engaging Virtual Customer simulation!


Ready to tackle today’s trickiest HR challenges?

We may not have a baby kangaroo, but we do have smart, fun HR solutions that work. We’d love to talk with you and share how we’re helping many of today’s leading companies create a hiring process that is simple, engaging, and crazy accurate. Contact us today to learn more!