Since COVID’s arrival in 2019, we’ve all been grappling with its disruptive presence in our lives. The impact on the global workforce has been profound, with definitions for business practices, such as “remote work,” continuing to remain fluid. COVID sparked an urgency to seek a balance to professional and personal lives.

By the spring of 2021, large numbers of individuals were walking away from their jobs, citing dissatisfaction with wages, job fit, and general work conditions.


We recently attended a trade association meeting for industry-specific HR leaders, and as we expected, several breakout sessions focused on “The Great Resignation.” One presenter correctly suggested feeling exhausted from the upheaval, asking if the group had resigned itself to The Great Resignation or if they were ready to flip the switch on the narrative.

To illustrate the point, the remainder of the session emphasized solutions, infusing hopeful energy into the room. For such a forward-thinking approach, might a new moniker be in order, a new banner to wave and rally the team?

Can The Great Resignation lead us to The Great Reimagining?

Everyone agrees that crafting a proactive response to the mass exodus of workers starts by digging deeper into their motives. Quoting a recent blog post, “…organizational leaders are wise to recognize that many of today’s pain points were a long time in the making.”  As Jeff Lackey, vice president of talent acquisition at CVS Health states, “The pandemic was a catalyst for changing things that organizations maybe knew should be changed but lacked enough incentive to make the change.”

Based on notes from several of the trade association workshops, I noted three consistent themes that now top the list of today’s job-seekers:

1. Trust and Purpose. This is not a quick fix, but taking tangible steps in the right direction will help you stand out as an employer of choice.

2. Growth and Development. A change in perspective is what’s needed here, with the focus on the employee’s overall growth, not just their job performance.

3. Choice and Personalization. A quarterly mention in a staff newsletter won’t cut it. Today’s workers are looking for consistent connections that indicate they are known and valued by the organization.

In considering these three themes, we quickly realize that an organization-wide commitment is necessary to affect real change.

Can HR professionals lead the charge by convening different departments to brainstorm ways their areas of operation might contribute to sustainable solutions?

Is your hiring process part of the solution, or the problem?

Our Innovation Team recently helped a large state agency revamp their hiring process to successfully attract and keep the best new talent. By reimagining their connections with applicants, we helped them quickly cut their processing time from 6 weeks to 2.5 days and slashed their turnover by 70%!

This relevant experience, combined with nearly three decades of designing candidate-centric  hiring tools, enables us to offer solutions proven to attract today’s uniquely motivated job seeker.

Related to the themes of  Trust and Purpose, Growth and Development, Choice and Personalization,  we recommend these three user-friendly tools to engage and keep the talent you need:

Job Previews. Employers are using realistic job previews to highlight their values and why their organization is a great place to work. Well-designed previews can boost candidate completion rates to more than 90% – keeping the best candidates in the pipeline.

Job Simulations. Offering candidates an accurate picture of the job helps build trust from day one. With our engaging simulations, participants experience actual job tasks and challenges, interacting with virtual customers and coworkers. Instant results pinpoint top performers and help you reduce turnover by 20-50%.

Virtual Interviews. A growing number of companies are using recorded on-demand virtual interviews as a pre-screener, then inviting top candidates to a livestreaming virtual interview. Our EASyView Virtual Interviews offer a fresh and engaging way to connect with more qualified candidates.

Ready for the Great Reimagining?

If you are an organizational leader and are looking for expertise and proven tools for attracting, engaging and retaining talent, visit us here or call 888.332.0648. We’re happy to suggest proven tools that both you and your candidates will love!




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