Two years had passed since credit union HR leaders had gathered in-person for training and networking. So, with many credit unions in our client base, we were ecstatic to discover that CUNA’s HR & Organizational Development Council conference would be convening near our home office in Central Florida!

Joining the group as an event sponsor, Shawn Stewart, Director of Special Projects, and I represented Employment Technologies as a solution provider to one of credit unions most pressing challenges: attracting and retaining top employees.

What is CUNA?

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) is the only national trade association for both state and federally-chartered credit unions located in the United States. CUNA serves nearly 7,000 institutions, which are owned by more than 100 million consumer members. Their advocacy, compliance, and training are often done through “Councils” which are organized around strategic operations, such as HR.

The collegial atmosphere of the HR & Organizational Development Council is a gift to vendors and sponsors. Not only were we encouraged to attend keynote addresses and breakout sessions, but the exhibit space also served as the primary gathering place for meals and networking.

We enjoyed each interaction, digging deeper into regional hiring trends and the industry at large.

What’s Next?

Follow up with our new friends is underway, offering a trial of our award-winning job simulations and virtual interviews – proven tools for attracting and evaluating job candidates. As we reflect on conversations and review copious amounts of notes, our respect for this special sector only increases.

Here are three reasons why we believe credit unions are a source of hope for countless communities, most notably for providing meaningful employment opportunities.

#1: Credit Unions offer a wide range of growth opportunities.

We heard numerous stories about summer jobs launching meaningful careers.

#2: Credit Unions promote work as service to members.

We noted an emphasis on relationships-with-members, in contrast to transactions-with-customers.

#3: Credit Unions place a value on being present for their members.

We observed this firsthand as one institution’s top leader traveled a long distance to see a colleague receive an honor at the awards luncheon.

One executive summarized these points when explaining their employment journey. For 15-plus years, this credit union executive was a top-tier leader in another industry but found themselves “broken” after managing stress related to COVID. “I decided to leave it all in the past and try something completely different. In my current job, I’m healing and rediscovering my joy for work.”

Thank you to CUNA for a great conference, and to our credit union clients for your ongoing partnership and trust.

It’s our privilege to serve you as you serve others.


If you are a credit union leader and are looking for proven tools to attract, hire, and retain the best new talent, visit us here or call 888.332.0648.