Consumer habits and expectations are continuing to change the landscape of financial institutions. While technology is helping to drive many of the changes, the personal touch of an engaged employee remains a vital asset in terms of an institution’s sustainability and future growth. Therefore, just as other internal operations are being evaluated and updated, the same should be true for hiring processes.  Your goal should always be seeking the best talent with the best strategies and methods available.

With more than 30 years of talent prediction experience working directly with leading banks and credit unions throughout North America, we are passionate about creating innovative hiring tools that meet the challenges of today.

Let’s take a look at three that get results!

The Challenge:  Changing Role of Tellers

Our Solution:  Job Simulation That Targets Universal Skill Set

There is an ongoing transition from the traditional teller to the new Universal Banker role—a hybrid teller/financial sales and service position that relies on people who possess both superior service and sales skills. To aid in this transition, Employment Technologies’ Innovation Team has created EASy Simulation® for Universal Bankers to pinpoint high-caliber candidates who excel in the new hybrid role. Using high-end graphics and a compelling storyline, the online simulation immerses job candidates in multifaceted tasks and job responsibilities of a modern financial center.

Unlike traditional employment tests, EASy Simulation for Universal Bankers is built around real-world customer situations that enable candidates to prove their abilities to deliver a seamless customer experience. The simulation can be used to help current tellers transition to the universal banker role, and it can be used to find and hire top-performers who already possess the new universal skill set, which includes the following:

  • Strong attention to detail to accurately process transactions and identification of customer needs
  • Superior listening skills for recognition and identification of customer needs
  • Ability to interpret data and recommend solutions that are unique to each customer
  • Familiarity with financial products and services to provide sound financial advice
  • Acuity to identify solutions that satisfy individual customer requirements
  • Ability to position appropriate solutions by overcoming objections and closing sales
  • Personal attributes that convey care, confidence, and professionalism

The Challenge:  Changing Roles Extends Upward

Our Solution:  Immersive Simulation Identifies Next Generation of Leaders

In addition to hiring top universal bankers, another key priority for today’s financial centers is identifying and grooming their next generation of leaders. In response to this pressing need, Employment Technologies created our EASy Simulation® for Financial Center Managers. This highly interactive online simulation requires managers to lead, coach, and develop financial center employees.

The simulation is the first assessment that requires candidates to demonstrate their leadership abilities in the context of the unique challenges and radical changes facing financial institutions today.

Based on real-world financial center situations, the simulation accurately predicts top performers who will work closely with all members of the financial center to ensure smooth and efficient operations. EASy Simulation for Financial Center Managers is the ideal tool to strengthen the skills of existing managers and to discover and develop the leadership potential of future managers.

The Challenge:  Educating Candidates on Industry Changes and Expectations

Our Solution:  Online Job Previews Deliver Clarity and Help Reduce Turnover

The image you project during the hiring process makes a powerful statement about your financial center. Our fully-customized EASy Job Previews help you attract and hire the right people—who understand and embrace your organization’s culture and vision.

Job previews not only serve as a recruiting tool to attract candidates to pursue careers with your financial center, but they also give candidates key information to help them decide if they are well suited for the job. Ensuring that candidate expectations are aligned with the realities of the job helps eliminate short-term turnover due to misaligned or unrealistic expectations.

A custom preview lets you share your organization’s story, present a realistic preview of the job, and filter candidates based on key qualifying questions. Candidates that are knowledgeable and excited about your financial center are more likely to make a smooth transition to the job and are less likely to leave prematurely.


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About Joe LaTorre

Joe LaTorre serves as Director of Innovation for Employment Technologies. As you’d expect with that job title, Joe keeps his finger on what’s next in technology, especially trends that optimize talent prediction. He holds an M.S. in Industrial–Organizational Psychology from Valdosta State University and has more than 30 years of national and international consulting experience.