While resume screening and interviews can give you insights into a candidate’s employment background and work experience, these recruiting tools cannot verify whether the candidate can actually perform the job. Our experts at Employment Technologies are now guiding clients in streamlining and improving their recruitment processes through pre-employment testing services. We’ll explain more about the benefits pre-employment testing can bring to your workplace recruitment.

Increased Employee Retention

One of the most important benefits gained from pre-employment testing is increased retention. Since the testing process can acclimate candidates to both the job expectations and to the environment within the business, the new hire is better prepared for the work. This means both the company and the candidate can make decisions based on what’s best for their needs. If the candidate feels that they’d be a good fit for the organization, and the pre-employment test verifies that they have the right abilities for the job, they can move forward and put their skills to work to benefit the business.

Pre-employment testing impacts employee retention in two key ways:  1) It can reduce voluntary turnover by ensuring that candidates have realistic expectations about the job, and 2) it can cut involuntary turnover by ensuring that candidates have the right skills and abilities to successfully perform the work.

Less Time-Consuming Hiring Process

Conducting interviews and checking references takes time. To streamline this process, today’s businesses are automating the early stages of the screening process. Pre-employment testing is a critical element. It helps companies make sure the person is ready and suited to the job, eliminating the need to interview candidates who lack key qualifications.

With the right pre-employment testing process, recruiters and hiring managers can spend time with only the most qualified candidates. Not only does this cut time and cost to hire, it can also increase your accuracy in selecting top performers.

But not all pre-employment tests are equal. Check out this helpful chart based on data from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management that compares the effectiveness of the most common types of pre-employment tests.

Improved Performance and Productivity

Scientific research confirms that simulation-based pre-employment tests offer the highest accuracy in predicting future job performance and productivity. For example, our EASy Simulations are proven to identify candidates who are two to five times more likely to successfully resolve workplace issues, quickly and effectively multitask, and communicate with clarity and enthusiasm. Companies can now implement testing procedures that immerse candidates in key job roles to predict their long-term success on the job. The value of pre-employment testing relies on its accuracy and job relevance. The most effective pre-employment tests give employers confidence that the candidate is ready and willing to take on the role while delivering on performance expectations.


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