Employment testing hadn’t changed for more than 50 years until . . .

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“When the science showed that our simulations more than doubled the accuracy of predicting job success,
we knew we had something extraordinary.”

Joseph T. Sefcik, Jr., President and Founder

Others Test. We Simulate.

It all started in 1982 when our Innovation Team developed the industry’s first commercial job simulation. We were confident that simulation technology would enhance employment testing, but even our team was surprised by the overwhelming results. This early research quickly revealed the clear superiority of simulations as a hiring strategy in reducing test bias, improving the candidate experience, and delivering unparalleled predictive accuracy. Combining assessment science with simulation, we introduced a whole new category of employment tests—job simulations. Joseph and Eugenia Sefcik soon founded Employment Technologies, launching our signature EASy Simulation® product line.

The Advantage of Real.

EASy Simulations are science driven and research proven. They are also engaging, challenging, and fun! By immersing candidates in realistic interactions and real-life work issues, EASy Simulations deliver dramatic increases in job readiness, time-to-proficiency, productivity, and retention. The predictive science of EASy Simulations has revolutionized the hiring strategies of companies worldwide, saving businesses millions of dollars each year.

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    Reduction in Turnover

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    Reduction in Training Time

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    Increase in Sales / Referrals

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    Return on Investment

Ranked #1

Today, Employment Technologies has grown to be the world’s leading developer of job simulations. While we pioneered the science and research with hundreds of studies, the accuracy of simulation is not just an opinion. The U.S Office of Personnel Management and industry experts now embrace simulation as the most job-related and accurate form of pre-employment assessment.

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