Employment Technologies is proud to announce that their innovative EASy Retention Index is now available in Spanish. Measuring the same key factors as the previous English version, the assessment helps employers identify and screen out candidates at high risk for turnover.

EASy Retention Index is a powerful pre-employment screening tool to identify job candidates whose work-related preferences and personality attributes place them at highest risk for turnover within the first 90 days. At the same time, the assessment helps employers identify which candidates are the right match for the job and the organization.

The EASy Retention Index helps employers in four key ways:

  • Cuts costly hiring mistakes due to turnover
  • Increases employee engagement and retention
  • Streamlines the hiring process
  • Reduces time spent interviewing

The EASy Retention Index is particularly effective for high-volume, high turnover jobs across a wide variety of industries. It is also quick and easy to use. Job candidates can complete the assessment on any smart device, and employers have instant access to their results.

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