It has been our honor to work closely with workforce development organizations for more than 25 years. While the majority of our business focuses on the use of our simulation technologies for hiring, we especially enjoy the impact our immersive tools make for job training programs.

What better way to truly understand what a position entails than through an immersive day on the job, interacting with coworkers and customers?

And especially during the global heath pandemic, our job simulations and virtual interviews allowed isolated program participants to find a safe space for meaningful practice while receiving vital feedback.

Coming alongside workforce development professionals to support various training initiatives is a privilege shared by our team. On the occasion of National Workforce Development Month, we want to recognize our valued clients in this inspiring sector and express our gratitude to all for offering hope to individuals, families, and communities through employment.

For example, here are four recent client success stories, highlighting how innovative workforce development organizations are using new technologies to encourage and empower their participants for career success.


Now operating 13 sites in 10 states;  4,000+ careers launched in banking and healthcare

CaeerWork$ connects young adults from low-income communities to employers in banking and healthcare to create access to lasting careers. Their desire to optimize every touchpoint in their eight-week BankWork$ program inspired the team to consider job simulations.

Program Director Ranko Fukuda explains, “In training, we thoroughly explore the positions most likely to be available for future employment and growth, emphasizing the skills needed to succeed. When we became aware of Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulation for Universal Bankers, we realized the students could actually experience a day on the job. Also, the simulation requires the students to interact with virtual customers, which further helps them understand what’s actually involved with customer service.”

“I was that person looking for more than my next job.
I wanted a career, and BankWork$ made that possible.”

– Ruby Sloan, a CareerWork$ Program Manager

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Jobs Partnership of Florida

Nearly 2,000 graduates since its founding in 1999, with 70% working, going to school, or both

LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership provides needed skills training and connections to resources and relevant job opportunities in Central Florida – even during a global pandemic.

Prior to using our EASyView virtual interview platform, Jobs Partnership participants prepared for interviews with in-class instruction and occasional onsite mock interviews with volunteer business leaders. Now their participants can practice using the same interview technology leading companies are using every day.

“Our efficiency and quality of instruction remained consistent even through COVID-19 and we were able to move our 138-member class completely virtual. This would not have been possible without Employment Technologies’ EASyView Virtual Interview Practice, ” explained Shiloh Karshima, Director of Operations.

“Not only were our participants able to practice interviewing on a virtual platform, they were able to learn about the movement toward virtual hiring, which is no longer the way of the future, it’s the way of today!”

– Shiloh Karshima, Director of Operations

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New Jersey Youth Corps, New Jersey City University

One of the largest youth service and conservation corps in the United States

New Jersey Youth Corps is a year-round, voluntary program that engages young adults in full-time community service, training, and educational activities. Their approach combines academics with career-related goals in a service-learning approach. With industry-specific training opportunities that can include our realistic job simulations, participants learn the skills needed to thrive in today’s labor market and obtain exciting careers.

“Thanks to vendors such as yours, we are one of the few programs still operating and providing instruction to our students during the pandemic. I thought it was important to provide feedback regarding the service vendors like Employment Technologies provides during this most critical time,” explains Melinda Estrada, Program Coordinator

The mission of the Youth Corp is to restore and preserve the dignity of young adults who have been underserved, and enhance their value to society by providing a comprehensive program of academic instruction and community service that form a solid foundation upon which to build a brighter future.

“I’m most proud of graduating the program.
I did not expect to get an achievement that big.”

– Program Participant, New Jersey Youth Corps

WoodGreen Community Services

Serving more than 37,000 people each year

While September is recognized as the National Workforce Development Month in the US, we don’t want to miss highlighting our Canadian clients that are also doing amazing work.

One example is WoodGreen Community Services. A United Way Anchor Agency in Toronto, Ontario, WoodGreen embraces an entrepreneurial mindset when seeking solutions to benefit their clients and communities. This push toward innovation drew them to Employment Technologies’ immersive hiring and development tools.

“When creating our new customer service representative (CSR) training program, we wanted to give participants a realistic preview of what the job is like, including offering practice and assessing their customer service skills, so they would be more competitive in the labour market,” explained Karin Deane, Training Coordinator at WoodGreen.

“Our vision is a Toronto where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.”

– WoodGreen Community Services

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