How companies and their employees engage with customers has changed dramatically in the past few years. I can attest to those changes since I’ve been in customer service myself for more than 25 years.

In the wake of the pandemic and its impact on employment, many businesses are desperate to retain their most effective customer service employees to ensure they provide the kind of responsive service their customers expect. Businesses are also seeking new hires who have the soft skills and technical ability to provide the highest levels of service.

In this current business environment, it can be stressful for businesses, as well as for employees. Research shows that 51 percent of employees feel physically drained and 25 percent feel emotionally drained after an average day’s work.[1]  It can be a tough job juggling requests – but also rewarding as customer service representatives connect with your customers. It is even more rewarding when the job they do is recognized and appreciated.

That’s why Employment Technologies is pleased to join with thousands of other businesses to acknowledge and observe the 38th annual Customer Service Week, October 3-7.

Customer Service Week has been embraced by businesses worldwide

In 1984, National Customer Service Week was established by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA). In 2020 it was acquired by the Professional Association of Customer Engagement (PACE). National Customer Service Week was proclaimed a national event by the U.S. Congress in 1992. Now, National Customer Service Week is celebrated each year during the first full week of October.

There are two main purposes of National Customer Service Week. First, the week-long event encourages organizations to recognize the job that their customer service professionals do all year long for both customers and coworkers. Second, it projects a message of appreciation across a wide range of businesses, government services, and industries – that customer service is an absolute critical component in operating a business.

The 2022 theme, You’re Essential to Success, encourages businesses to demonstrate their respect and appreciation for customer service personnel.

Celebrating Customer Service Talent

Employment Technologies has spent 30 years helping companies identify and develop the best customer service talent, and we subscribe to the notion that great customer service starts with identifying and building great customer service teams.[2] Service excellence sets a company apart, and it is this difference that keeps customers coming back.

And that is why we wholeheartedly support Customer Service Week and enhancing the relationship between your team and the customers you serve.

So, take time to show extra appreciation to your customer service team this week – and throughout the year! It’s a gesture that costs virtually nothing…and the benefits to your organization – and your customers are worth millions.[3]



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