Leadership Sandbox: Leveraging a Sandbox Approach to Leadership Assessment and Development

Leveraging a Sandbox Approach to Leadership Assessment and Development   Do you always read the full set of instructions before starting a project? Many of us start with the notion, “I can figure this out.” Others take advantage of “micro apprenticeships,” i.e., YouTube, to learn and experience what they need to know about successful DIY...

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Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

In our most recent blog series, business writer Lynn Miles Peisker makes a case for why organizational leaders should revisit their understanding and approach to customer service, especially in a post COVID marketplace. To back up this recommendation, she cites a surprising statistic from a Forbes article by Shep Hyken. Highlighting results from his firm’s...

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Why Live Chat is Key to a Winning Customer Experience in 2021

PART 2. If you have traveled in the last year, chances are you had to make adjustments to your itinerary. When abroad in 2020 for the birth of our grandchild, my husband and I found ourselves relying on the chat feature of our credit card’s travel department. Chat was available 24/7, did not require us...

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