Hiring Strategies - How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

One of my favorite blogs was tied to a poll we did a couple of years ago at Halloween. In the poll, we asked employers to tell us what scares them most about hiring new employees. The poll, of course, was all in fun. And the results are worth a second look. So, in the...

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Hire Superstar Agents with Call Center Simulation Tests

How call center simulation tests pinpoint top performers.   In a perfect world, the best way to hire superstar agents would be to watch them perform the job for a while and then hire the ones that perform best. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. And most call centers are forced to guess...

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Talent Assessment

Part II – Job Fit and Talent Assessment from the Employee’s Point of View.   One summer during college I needed a job to earn money for the next year. There was a recession, I couldn’t find a job and was getting desperate. Finally, I found a job as a busboy. I had never worked...

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