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Small Changes in Your Talent Acquisition and Onboarding Process Can Transform Team Performance.   Like me, you might be tuning in to the Winter Olympics over the next few weeks.  We thrive on the excellence and personalities of the athletes.  We love the tradition and the competition on display.  We celebrate victories with pride, and...

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Working Remotely - Virtual Team - Shared Workspace - Coworking Space

Remote Work – Part II – Lessons Learned from Changing Jobs (And Changing Back).   In a previous post, I shared with you three key lessons I learned during a rocky job change. One of the reasons I made the initial switch was the lack of physical connection to the majority of my teammates – who are...

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  If you’re old enough, you probably remember going to the bank as a regular occurrence.  Many of us went at least once a week. Depositing our pay checks, getting cash for the weekend, or simply asking questions about the status of our accounts were all common reasons for a weekly visit.  Bank tellers were...

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