Job Hunting, Employment Screening, and Valentine’s Day!   Applying for work is not for the faint at heart. Let’s consider an applicant experience for 28-year-old James. He is working part time to pay his bills while looking for a position that advances his career. Whenever there’s space in his schedule, he scans online job boards,...

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In our last blog we defined job-fit and described its importance to employers and employees. In today’s post, we’ll highlight best practices that will help you effectively screen for job-fit, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the hiring process.   While there are many management systems and practices you can implement to boost engagement and...

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As a college sophomore I needed money and got a job with campus security. The duties included policing the stadium at football games, ensuring students didn’t storm the field at the end of games, searching students for alcohol at the stadium entrance, etc. I was also security for the campus pub. I checked IDs, and...

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