5 Great Reasons Why You Should Try Immersive Leadership Simulations.


There is a lot of good advice about deciding who to promote to a leadership role, and when. That advice typically includes factors such as:

  • People who are good communicators
  • People who are top performers
  • People who have expressed an interest in career advancement

While these tips each add a piece to the leadership puzzle, the best advice is the most straightforward: seeing how people actually perform in a leadership role. And simulation provides the ideal, risk-free way to determine who has what it takes to be a strong and motivational leader.

Here’s the simplest way to describe how immersive leadership simulations work:  these easy-to-use online tools allow candidates to experience the challenges of managing others in safe, simulated conditions.

Leadership simulations immerse aspiring candidates in virtual workplaces where they interact with virtual team members to solve complex problems, while motivating their teams to peak performance. Organizations can accurately determine the readiness of an employee to take on a leadership role, and employees can learn about their leadership potential and specific areas for improvement.

As a hiring and development tool, here are 5 key reasons why immersive leadership simulations make sense:

  1. Insights:Leadership simulations are great for decisions related to hiring, succession, and development because of the objective insights they offer about each candidate. When a candidate is placed in a realistic scenario, simulations reveal whether a candidate is ready for a more demanding role now or in the future, and what coaching and development is needed.
  2. Authenticity:Simulations provide a true measure of performance. Unlike interviews and self-report questionnaires, leadership simulations let candidates take on a leadership role as if they were actually in the position, bringing their interactions and decision making to life. Instead of a candidate telling youhow good he or she is at leadership, simulations allow the candidate to show you.
  3. Experience:Simulations create a safe, controlled environment in which job candidates demonstrate critical leadership skills. This hands-on experience also gives candidates a firsthand working knowledge of the job requirements. In addition, simulations strengthen training programs by identifying the individual strengths and performance gaps of each person aspiring to a leadership role.
  4. Convenience:Online simulations are available 24/7, so candidates can complete the simulation at their convenience. With our leadership simulations, organizations get instant access to results that include a prediction of each candidate’s potential for success in a leadership role, along with a personalized performance plan for ongoing coaching and career development.
  5. Engagement:In today’s media-rich world, candidates expect more. The best leadership simulations create a fun and engaging experience that your employees and job candidates will actually enjoy!

Immersive leadership simulations make sense because they help you put the right people, with the right skills and attributes, into the right leadership positions.


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