“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.”—Anonymous


Sample a group of business leaders about the key to building a successful venture, and they will tell you it’s about surrounding yourself with the right people. From that point, however, there are a plethora of trails to explore, starting with recruiting, pre-employment testing, interviewing (in person and virtual), hiring, onboarding, and development — each offering an expansive landscape of options.

In reviewing our web content for the past year, we recognized that these “most popular” blog posts work together to serve as a trustworthy trail guide to exploring key concepts and strategies related to hiring and talent assessment.

Enjoy the journey and please reach out if you’ve got a question. Your insights are important to us.


Top 5 Blog Posts = Trustworthy Guide to Talent Prediction

#1  What is a Job Simulation?

#2  A Helpful Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

#3  5 Steps for Creating a Positive, Motivated, and High-Performing Team

#4  Artificial Intelligence and Hiring: Where to Start

#5  Online Tools: Why Immersive Simulations Make Sense

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