We are in the midst of the annual back-to-school season, when displays of backpacks, lined theme books, and glue sticks greet us in nearly every retail store. Unfortunately, the new school year is beginning under the cloud of rising COVID cases and continued health concerns.

The reality and weight of these circumstances is causing not only school officials, but HR professionals as well to begin too many emails with the refrain, “We thought it would be different by now, but…”

For HR professionals who helped their teams pivot to remote work and online processes, strategies for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding continue to require flexibility.

To help manage the weight of today’s challenges, it’s smart to draw from the valuable lessons learned over the past year. It turns out a hybrid home/office work option is attractive to the emerging workforce as is the emphasis on wellness. And moving in-person assessments and job interviews to a virtual platform can add convenience and safety for both the employer and applicant.

As the labor market continues to recalibrate, one component of the hiring process is more critical than ever:  employment assessment. With health concerns and labor shortages, it can be tempting to bypass this important step. However, it may be surprising to learn that virtual employment assessment tests can expand your candidate pool – while enabling you to conduct your entire screening process remotely.

Especially in these flex days of remote hiring, virtual employment assessment tools provide the insights needed to make quick, safe, and accurate decisions.

4 Reasons Not to Skip Employment Assessments Tools

Cut Time and Cost to Hire

Reading resumes and conducting interviews take time. To streamline hiring, today’s businesses are automating the early stages of the screening process. Virtual assessments and interviews save time and help you snag the best talent. To make it even easier, our customer service team creates a custom dashboard that will give you instant access to candidate results so you can quickly pinpoint the best candidates – without the need for candidates to come on site.

Screen Candidates In, Not Out

In today’s challenging labor market, organizations need to look beyond traditional sources for talent. Virtual employment assessment tools, such as our job-specific simulations, help you expand your reach to new talent pools you may never have considered before. Stop eliminating highly capable candidates because they don’t match your traditional profile. The right assessment tools can help you screen candidates in, not out, of the talent pool.

Boost Engagement and Performance

A common cause of turnover is lack of alignment between the initial job description and the actual job, “This isn’t what I thought the job was going to be like.”  When backed by rigorous validity testing, the best employment assessments offer clarity for both the candidate and the employer. For example, our job simulations place candidates in real workplace scenarios, letting them test-drive the job and prove their job-related skills. This realistic preview improves engagement while identifying candidates most likely to meet your performance standards.

Increase Employee Retention

As challenging as it is to find the right talent, it’s even more important to retain them once they’re on the job. An employee’s early experience with your company has a significant impact on his or her longevity with the organization. With HR staff stretched thin, look for employment assessment tools that accurately diagnose performance levels and create personalized development plans for each new hire. Employees who sense your commitment to their future success are more likely to stay and grow with your company.

As you consider the role of employment assessment tools in your current hiring process, if we can help you take a fresh look at your overall candidate experience, we invite you to reach out for a no obligation consult. You can connect via our website or give us a call at 888-332-0648. Let our experience be your advantage!


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