How to Boost Efficiency and Expand Access to Top Talent with On-Demand and Livestreaming Virtual Interviews


Still on the fence about virtual interviewing?

With so many uncertainties over the past year, we may be eager to return to business-as-usual. Yet recent challenges have helped us move forward with innovative virtual HR technologies and processes that offer significant benefits now and in the future.

As we highlighted in the last post, what we’ve found is that many candidates and recruiters actually prefer the convenience and efficiency of these virtual touchpoints, especially for interviewing.

Well before the recent global health pandemic, our team has been helping clients streamline and improve their screening processes with virtual interviewing capabilities. By eliminating scheduling hassles, travel requirements, and “ghosting” risks, recruiters have more time to focus on other job demands – while quickly expanding their access to the best new talent.

“Our technology is distinguished by its simplicity for both interviewers and candidates, as well as the depth of information it provides employers,” explains Joe LaTorre, Employment Technologies’ Director of Innovation. “It fits well with the shift to virtual HR processes that have emerged during this challenging time for business, and it will remain important in our increasingly internet-savvy environment.”

If you haven’t tried virtual interviewing or have been using teleconferencing software in a pinch, you may find the following tips helpful.

To help you visualize the potential, we suggest these initial steps.

Reflect on your current hiring process.

  • At what stage do you interview candidates?
  • How many  colleagues participate?
  • Do you have a standard set of interview questions for each position?
  • Are all interview questions job relevant?
  • To support a fair and legally-defensible process, are interviewers using a standard rating scale for all candidates for the same position?

Dream a little and imagine the most efficient process possible. For example, ask…

  • Is interview scheduling a major time commitment for you or your staff?
  • Are you investing in-person time with the wrong candidates?
  • Do you have an efficient way to track and archive interview responses and ratings?
  • Do you have concerns about bias?
  • What other challenges would you like to address?

Taking the Next Step.

Before making a decision about virtual interviewing, it’s important to experience the technology first hand.

To help you “go virtual,”  we’re pleased to offer you free access to our award-winning EASyView Virtual Interview platform for 30 days.

Companies that integrate EASyView Virtual Interviews into their screening processes will note the following:

  • You can use On-Demand Interviews (automated), Livestreaming Interviews (real time), or a combination! For example, if you are hiring for phone positions that are voice only, consider using voice recording only. This will increase completion rates for initial interviews. You can always follow up with a video-based livestreaming interview with the most qualified candidates.
  • You will direct interview invitations, recordings, and results from an easy-to-use dashboard. This platform also offers an interface for multi-interviewer access and confidential note taking.
  • For HR personnel that spend countless hours accommodating schedules, “no shows” can be especially frustrating. The efficiency of EASyView On-Demand Interviews eliminates the headaches of coordinating schedules and results in an overall time savings of 50% or more!
  • We can share success stories of other clients that are benefiting from our powerful virtual interview platform – that includes everything you need to manage and track interviews with ease and confidence.

Once you decide to use virtual interviews in your screening process, getting started is simple. You can select from a library of proven interview questions, or can include your own questions to create a custom experience.

Getting Started is Easy!
Click here to request your free 30-day trial,
or call us at  888-332-0648.


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