Practical insights on current hiring challenges are the common thread in this year’s Top 5 Blog Posts. From lessons learned at the annual SIOP conference to a personal job search story from our Director of Innovation, this year-end collection offers a wealth of strategic guidance for the new year, too.

5. Quick, Easy Tools Help Employers Assess Language Proficiency

With customer service personnel serving at the forefront, language proficiency is key to ensuring a positive customer experience while increasing bottom-line revenue and market share. Read more.

4. Candidate Completion Rates and Test Length: How to Get it Right

Using science to guide us, this post explores the tensions between test length and completion rates, offering proven strategies for attracting the best candidates and making quality hires. Read more.

3. The 2 Biggest Recruiting Mistakes (And What to Do Instead)

“My son is a long-distance runner. He runs…5 days a week and goes through 4-5 pairs of running shoes a year…He recently applied for an entry-level sales position at a big name athletics shoe store…” Read more.

2. How Banks & Credit Unions Can Prosper During the Great Resignation

The first step is to understand why financial employees resign, then examine specific strategies to attract and keep the talent you need. Read more.

1. Talent Management:  3 Key Takeaways From SIOP

With voluntary turnover reaching record-breaking highs, I/O experts at SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) echoed the concerns of HR pros, advising organizations to focus on recruitment, selection, and diversity. Read more.


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