Every Christmas Eve is special.

Families join together, tell old stories and reminisce, and marvel at how much children have grown. The youngest children fidget while watching for Santa (who always seems to arrive just after they fall asleep). Lights glow and ornaments twinkle in Christmas trees, creating a special atmosphere that seems to peak the night before Christmas.

This year’s Christmas, however, is going to be even a little more special.

That’s because there will be a special ornament that will brighten the entire world on the evening of December 24.

For the first time since 1977, there will be a full moon on Christmas Eve. And it’s the last Christmas Eve full moon we will experience for another nineteen years.

 We hope you take a moment to marvel at the glow that this special lunar ornamental spectacular will add to this year’s holiday. As you peer out the window for Santa on Christmas Eve, who knows? You may even see Santa in his sleigh and his flying reindeer, in silhouette.

And as you look upwards and enjoy this year’s special all-natural gift, we hope that you will feel even closer than ever to those whom you love and feel the special, giving spirit of the Christmas season.

We wish you and yours the happiest—and brightest—of holidays.