Thoughts to Welcome the New Year

With the holidays now behind us, the familiar rhythm of the office has once again quickened as we forge ahead into 2016. Goals have been clarified. Challenges have been identified. The staff has returned to their fast-paced work schedules.

To get our year off to a solid start at Employment Technologies, we are placing emphasis on two key strategies.

Customers are where our planning and direction begins

Throughout the year, but especially at key times such as New Years, I encourage our team to ask and answer, “What are we doing to add value for our customers?”

A customer-centric philosophy is part of our company culture, but I’m realistic about how the ever-present demands of business can cause our focus to blur. For this reason, we strive to stay in close touch with our customers—to ensure that we understand their evolving needs and to offer the greatest value possible. Whether that means sharing the latest trends and research, encouraging our customer to explore new hiring technologies, or simply reinforcing how they can achieve the greatest value from tools they are already using.

Head toward a good ending with a good beginning

One of the seven habits espoused by the noted American educator and author, Dr. Stephen Covey, is to begin with an end in mind. Covey says, “To Begin with the End in Mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the right direction.”

For our clients, the ‘good ending’ is business growth and stability. Employment Technologies is privileged to help many, many organizations toward their goals by providing engaging, innovative technologies to attract and hire top talent. Using proven tools to hire the right people is foundational to meaningful growth.

To help you think about your good ending, I want to recommend 5 Ways to Get Your New Hires Off To A Great Start, authored by business writer Suzy Frisch, published in Open Forum, an online interactive exchange offered to entrepreneurs by American Express.

Ms. Frisch’s thoughtful article suggests ways of protecting and enhancing the investment in personnel through effective onboarding and development. Many of our clients are already using EASy Simulations® to address these valuable steps.  On our website, you’ll find the story about how First Light Federal Credit Union used simulation to develop a popular mentoring program.  “The results were outstanding. Not only were the mentored employees excelling on the job, but they were staying!”– Grace Munoz, Vice President, Human Resources

If our team at Employment Technologies can help bring focus to your talent prediction or onboarding strategies in 2016, we would welcome the opportunity. The conversation can start here.

Have a great 2016!