Banks and Credit Unions Upgrade their Talent Assessment Processes to Engage the Best New Talent.


Ask the HR manager of a bank or a credit union, “What’s your biggest challenge?” Increasingly, the response is “Talent Assessment” – finding the right people who will excel in today’s rapidly changing financial work environment.

Talent assessment has become more challenging because of enormous changes within the financial industry: digitalization, artificial intelligence, and the emergence of new ways of managing data – are just a piece of the evolving financial services landscape. Combine changing technology with the differences that distinguish workforce cohorts (aging Baby Boomers, Millennials, and the emerging Generation Z) from one another and it’s easy to see why HR professionals are looking for new ways to attract and engage the best new talent.

Just as banks and credit unions are rapidly upgrading technology to support the evolving needs of their customers and members, forward-thinking financial centers are also upgrading their hiring strategies and technology.

New Talent Assessment Strategies for New Job Demands

To find the right talent for today’s financial services jobs, HR pros increasingly are turning to science and technology to take the subjectivity out of talent assessment and replace “gut feel” with highly predictable, data-driven results.

Employment Technologies’ family of EASy Simulations®, for example, streamlines hiring – enabling financial centers to quickly identify top performers. Our simulations immerse candidates in real-life situations they will routinely face on the job, allowing HR professionals to see precisely how candidates will handle similar challenges at work. And nowhere is this more critical than in customer-centric roles like tellers, universal bankers, and financial sales and service professionals.

To assist financial centers in navigating change and positioning their teams for future growth, Employment Technologies offers the most comprehensive line of job simulations for banks and credit unions available. These simulations are based on rigorous scientific research and are specifically designed to target the strategic business needs of today’s financial centers.

How Simulation-based Talent Assessment Fast-Tracks Hiring and Development

  • Pinpoints tech-savvy job candidates with stellar service skills
  • Helps current employees transition to new job requirements
  • Identifies and prepares future financial center leaders
  • Creates a modern and engaging candidate experience
  • Predicts job success with scientific precision
  • Identifies candidates who can build relationships and grow your business

For more than three decades, it’s been our honor to collaborate with global financial centers, credit unions, and community banks to push the limits of technology in the talent assessment process. If you’re a bank or credit union who’s seeking a deep industry expert and proven, data-driven results, we should talk! Call 888-332-0648 or contact us to schedule a convenient time.


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