At-Home Readiness AssessmentEmployers can measure candidate and employee readiness for remote work with new At-Home Readiness Assessment.


With the onset of COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates across the nation, the value of job candidates who can work remotely from their homes with efficiency and professionalism has risen considerably. Determining the capability of stay-at-home workers, however, has become a part of the employment equation that requires an innovative solution.

Employment Technologies, the leader in simulation-based testing and virtual assessment tools, is responding to the sudden increase in demand for stay-at-home workers with the introduction of its At-Home Readiness Assessment. The online test automatically measures the capability of a job candidate or employee to perform work from home by verifying his or her system hardware, software, internet, and telecom readiness. The assessment takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and detailed results are available to employers immediately after the assessment.

“The onset of stay-at-home restrictions has created an overwhelming demand for employees who possess the skills, attributes, and technical capability to work from home. That means that employers are increasingly reliant on tech-savvy employees and job candidates who have access to the right technology to support remote work,” explains Joe LaTorre, Director of Innovation for Employment Technologies.

The cost-effective assessment can be easily combined with any of Employment Technologies’ award-winning job simulations, retention indexes, or virtual interviews to provide an in-depth evaluation of remote workers’ overall suitability for at-home work.

The At-Home Readiness Assessment is well-suited for a wide variety of industry categories (e.g., merchandise fulfillment, contact centers, insurance, financial services) who now have an increased need for reliance on the ability of workers to deliver client services while operating from remote locations.


To learn more about the At-Home Readiness Assessment or to arrange a free demo, contact Employment Technologies at 888.332.0648.